Type (id) ML114S
Frame length (mm) 5655
Frame height (mm) 2700
Width (mm) 2450-2550
ML box lenght (mm) 4000-4500
Base 3720+1200
Max weight 16900
Max load capacity (kg) 14000
Max exchange capacity (included box) (kg) 14000
Max tipping capacity (included box) (kg) 14000
Permissible axel load (kg) 8250
Axel sum 2
Break type 350x90/4
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a break (bar) 160
Tilt angle ° 48
Frame weight (kg) 2900
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar) 200
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Hub/Axel/Wheel bolt 90x90/8
Wheels 520/50-17
Drawbar block -
Boggie block +
Suspension Bogie

The Multilift trailer system is most useful for operations that require different loads to be transported with the same frame, or when a low loading height is needed. The application field for Multilift trailers is limitless, covering construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, etc. As a standard solution, all trailers have hydraulic brakes, but customers can also order a trailer with...