Container trailers

Multilift eng

The Multilift trailer system is most useful for operations that require different loads to be transported with the same frame, or when a low loading height is needed. The application field for Multilift trailers is limitless, covering construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, etc. As a standard solution, all trailers have hydraulic brakes, but customers can also order a trailer with air brakes, if they wish. There are various carrier boxes for the Multilift frame; with different capacities and platform bases (making it possible to transport anything, including tractors).

The frames have a maximum load capacity of between 14-15 tons and the boxes are between 4  and 6.3 metres long. Multilift trailers have a rear axle hydraulic blocking system, which fixates the axle, making tilting, and loading and unloading crates a more stable operation.

For these trailers we have also designed a container attachment hook with a variable angle, which makes loading containers much smoother and requiring a smaller tilting angle. This avoids the load falling off during loading. A hydraulic output for the Multilift trailer hook can be ordered if the customer wants to use boxes with hydraulic backdoors.