Type (id) ML115S
Frame length (mm) 7500
Frame height (mm) 2850
Width (mm) 2450-2550
ML box lenght (mm) 5500-6000
Base 5050+1310
Max weight 19880
Max exchange capacity (included box) (kg) 16000
Max tipping capacity (included box) (kg) 16000
Max load capacity on frame (kg) 16000
Permissible axel load (kg) 8500
Axel sum 2
Break type 350x90/4
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a break (bar) 160
Tilt angle ° 48
Frame weight (kg) 3880
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar) 200
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Hub/Axel/Wheel bolt 90x90/8
Wheels 550/45-22,5; 600/45-22,5
Drawbar block -
Boggie block +
Suspension Bogie

The Multilift trailer system is most useful for operations that require different loads to be transported with the same frame, or when a low loading height is needed. The application field for Multilift trailers is limitless, covering construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, etc. As a standard solution, all trailers have hydraulic brakes, but customers can also order a trailer with...