Type (id) PT3980F
Length (mm) 10250/11997
Height (mm) 1185/2190/3000
Width (mm) 2460/2580
Internal measurements of a platform (mm) 9800x2460x1005/1800
Base 5787+1200
Total weight (kg) 23980
Base weight (kg) 3980(4855)
Max load capacity (kg) 20000
Permissible axel load (kg) 8000
Axel sum 1+2
Break type 300x90; 6
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a break (bar) 160
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet (mm) 4
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar) 200
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Hub/Axel/Wheel bolt 90x90, 8 polti
Wheels 500/50-17
NB! The hydraulic bale holders shown in the picture are optional

Palmse Trailer’s platform trailers are characterised by simplicity and usability which is due to their strong construction, three different support positions, and a large loading surface. We manufacture platform trailers in two sizes, with 6.5 and 8 metre long platforms. The platforms are made of corrugated metal to reduce slipperiness, but since there are no high edges, goods can easily be...