Type (id) PT4650
Length (mm) 8620
Height (mm) 2740
Width (mm) 2520
Internal measurements of a platform (mm) 6420/2260/2000
Capacitance (m3) 29.00
Total weight (kg) 8460
Base weight (kg) 2460
Max load capacity (kg) 6000
Max hitch load (kg) 1500
Permissible axel load (kg) 3480
Axel sum 2
Break type 300x90; 0/2/4
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a break (bar) 160
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet (mm) 4
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Hub/Axel/Wheel bolt 70x70/6
Wheels 11,5/80-15,3

A special feature of Palmse Trailer’s cattle trailers is the backdoor: due to a low bottom sheet and massive construction, the lowered backdoor can be used as a ramp for loading and unloading cattle; therefore a separate passage is not needed. To make opening and closing the massive backdoor easier, it is equipped with a special spring fastening, which functions as a brake during opening and...