Type (id) PT4650-HS
Length (mm) 8280
Height (mm) 2840/2460
Width (mm) 2540
Internal measurements of a platform (mm) 6500x2353x2000
Capacitance (m3) 30,6
Base 5394
Total weight (kg) 9248
Base weight (kg) 3248
Max load capacity (kg) 6000
Max hitch load (kg) 1500
Permissible axel load (kg) 3874
Axel sum 1
Break type 350x90(359E); 2
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a break (bar) 160
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet (mm) 4
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar) 200
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Hub/Axel/Wheel bolt 90x90, 8 poldiga
Wheels 385/65R22,5
Suspension Hydraulic suspension

A special feature of Palmse Trailer’s cattle trailers is the backdoor: due to a low bottom sheet and massive construction, the lowered backdoor can be used as a ramp for loading and unloading cattle; therefore a separate passage is not needed. To make opening and closing the massive backdoor easier, it is equipped with a special spring fastening, which functions as a brake during opening and...