Palmse Trailer Product improvements

Product improvements

October 2023

Our model line expanded with new PT600E which is primarily designed with road construction in mind and fit behind the excavator.

For this model it is possible to order overrun brake.

On the photo you can see PT600E-1A with overrun brake.

July 2023

All grain transport trailers have undergone an upgrade in terms of assembly and painting technology.

Details are cut out with a laser to ensure accuracy, and many connections are bolted instead of welded, which gives the opportunity to adjust if necessary.

We have changed the sheet metal preparation process – instead of chemical pre-paint cleaning, we use shot blasting, this eliminates the paint peeling problem.

June 2023

The PT800 box has a new design.

On the photo you can see PT800 new profile

April 2023

Bale trailers can now also be ordered with hydraulic belt bale holders. This is useful to reduce the overall width of the load compared to metal side bale holders.

  • hydraulic belt bale holders

April 2023

All bale trailers have the first and rear bale holders with a new design and they are also galvanized. 

These bale holders can be ordered  to grain trailers as well to use them without side boards as a bale trailers.

  • bale holders for grain trailers

April 2023

Since year 2023, all trailers have 12/24V LED rear lights as standard equipment. These lights have the fittings moved to the end of the wire to prevent problems from corrosion.

In addition, all light holders are galvanized.


March 2023

We modernized the support legs of the trailers.

We have now placed the support leg, which was located next to the drawbar, closer to the towing eye, under the drawbar. As a result, the chance of the support leg coming into contact with the tractor wheel is minimal. The load exerted by the trailer support leg on the ground is also reduced.

As an accessory, it is possible to add a hydraulic cylinder to adjust the height of the leg either using a hand pump or output from the tractor.

F-SL1.2Z-H Supportleg with HYDR cylinder

F-SL1.2Z-HKP Supportleg with HYDR+hand pump

  • galvanized new support leg

January 2023

Our model line expanded with new PT900E which is primarily designed with road construction in mind and fit behind the excavator.

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