Palmse Trailer Products PLATFORM TRAILERS PT3800 – quality hay trailer

PT3800 – quality hay trailer

Length (mm) (with HSD01)9785
Width (mm)2460 / 2580**
Height (mm)1054 / 2060* / 2854**
Internal measurements of a platform (mm)8020x2460x1005*/ 1800**
Capacity (m3)-
Capacity with extensions (m3)-
Base (mm)6280+1050
Empty weight(kg)2600* / 3391**
Max load capacity (kg)12000* / 11209**
Total weight (kg)14600
Hitch load (kg)3000
Axel sum2
Permissible axel load (kg)5800
Hub/axel80x80, 8 bolts
Self steering axles-
Brake type300x90; 0; 2 or 4 brakes
Speed limit (km/h)40
SuspensionMechanical bogie
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a brake (bar)160
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar)-
Oil volume for tipping(L)-
Tilt cylinder-
Standard wheels500/50-17
Tilt angle-
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet(mm)4
Thickness of box’s side sheet(mm)-
Rear axle block-
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This is best for you, if:

You have at least a 120 hp tractor

Transport in silage, hay bales, fertilizer bags, etc


Recognition of our work processes and a firm guarantee of product quality in production of tractor trailers. Palmse Metall OÜ is a certified ISO 9001 company. A solid choice, isn’t it?

  • Strong and efficient ISO9001 certified Palmse Trailer


The metal is cut with a modern laser cutter, which significantly increases assembly accuracy of the tractor trailers. This in turn ensures a more stable quality. So precise that you can feel the sharpness in the air!

  • laser-cutting-palmse-tractortrailer


Our press brake with solid dimensions is among the largest in nearby countries. This gives the possibility to bend most of the side profiles of the boxes of tractor trailers in one piece, which in turn reduces the number of welds and increases strength. This makes the trailer lighter which in turn let’s increase the max load capacity.

4. A reliable partner – 20 years of experience

Models have been tested and developed for years based on feedback from farmers to increase ease of use and durability.


  • vandaga-tugijalgIMG_4006 copy

Support leg with a crank

  • Hyd.tugijalg_1

Hydraulic support leg

  • Working light LED

Rear working light

  • allasoidutoke

Rear pumper

  • jarelhaagise konks rockinger

Trailer hook, rockinger

  • polditav veosilmus

Boltable towing eye

  • haagis õhkpiduritega

Air brakes

  • Haagise käsipidur

Handbrake with a crank

  • Haagise Led tuled

LED side lights

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    Our model range of platform trailers includes examples which have loading areas of between 6.5 to 9.8m. Trailers with a loading platform greater than 7.5m can be ordered with hydraulic bale holders. The hydraulic system for the bale holders is supplied by safety valves that prevent the support from falling downwards if the oil pressure is lost for some reason. Likewise, the use of safety valves also makes it possible to connect hydraulic hoses to the tractor when the system is under pressure. To reduce slipperiness, the platforms on these trailers are covered with corrugated steel plates, and there are no high edges. Due to this, goods can easily be loaded onto the trailer on euro pallets, for example. The construction of the axles makes it possible to mount wheels depending on the model with a width of 400-700 mm onto the trailers, thereby ensuring the best possible movement across fields. Double-axle trailers are available with bogie or spring axles, and these are designed so that the load is divided between the trailer and its drawbar. This transfers some of the load onto the rear wheels of the tractor, thereby guaranteeing better movement on softer ground. As a new product in the class of platform trailers, we offer a double-axle trailer with a higher load capacity, which is primarily intended for the transportation of silage rolls. Due to its load capacity of 19 tons, and hydraulic and extended sides, it can also be used for transporting straw rolls with a larger diameter (between 1.3 and 1.8 m). Starting from 2023 we are using new round design for bale holders.

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