PT1000 – dumper

Length (mm) (with HSD01)5685(5829)
Width (mm)2550
Height (mm)1900
Internal measurements of a platform (mm)3970x2310x750
Capacity (m3)6,9
Capacity with extensions (m3)13,3
Base (mm)3520+1000
Empty weight(kg)2350
Max load capacity (kg)10000
Total weight (kg)12350
Hitch load (kg)1800
Axel sum2
Permissible axel load (kg)5275
Hub/axel70x70, 6 bolts
Self steering axles-
Brake type300x90; 0; 2 or 4 brakes
Speed limit (km/h)40
SuspensionMechanical bogie
Hydraulic circuit working pressure of a brake (bar)160
Working pressure of hydraulic circuit (bar)180-200
Oil volume for tipping(L)12
Tilt cylinderNAS 4
Standard wheels400/60-15,5
Tilt angle52
Thickness of box’s bottom sheet(mm)5
Thickness of box’s side sheet(mm)5
Rear axle block-
Photos are illustrative

This is best for you, if:

You have a smaller tractor (ca 100hp)

You have a mini excavator

Soil transport, stone transport, etc


Most boxes and frames of the dumper trailers and other trailers we produce are made either completely or partially by robot welding. This ensures consistent solid quality and increased durability which are very important features in agriculture and farming. We have three robots in our production, cool, right?

  • robot welding


Recognition of our work processes and a firm guarantee of product quality of our tractor trailers in agriculture and road construction. Palmse Metall OÜ is a certified ISO 9001 company and we make sure that our dumper trailers leave our production after they have been tested properly. You can read about ISO 9001 certification process and Bureau Veritas here. A solid choice, isn’t it? 

  • Strong and efficient ISO9001 certified Palmse Trailer


The metal is cut with a modern Bystronic laser cutter, which significantly increases assembly accuracy of the dumpers and other tractor trailers. This in turn ensures a more stable quality and better durability for our products. So precise that you can feel the sharpness in the air! 

  • laser-cutting-palmse-tractortrailer


Our press brake with large dimensions is among the largest in nearby countries. This gives the possibility to bend most of the side profiles in one piece, which in turn reduces the number of welds and increases strength. Here’s how dumper trailer design can meet strength – the profiled side provides strength to reduce the number of posts in order to lower the final weight of the trailer. You can read about the Finnish company Aliko here. So this is how strong and high quality dumper trailers are made!


By choosing the right hatch, the ease of use increases significantly. Choose between tailgates with different functionalities. We are very happy to help you with different questions that may occur when choosing a dumper trailer or with any other technical questions. How to choose the right dumper trailer that suits your needs? See our blog post here. If you have any other questions – see our contacts here.

6. 20 years of experience – quality you can trust

Tractor trailer models have been tested and developed over the years based on feedback from farmers to increase the ease of use and durability. We have put a lot into enhancing the details and bring in new solutions. Our dumpers and other tractor trailers are highly valued in Scandinavia and other European countries, and we give our best to hold our brand’s reputation. Palmse Trailer works hard to be the best tractor trailer in agriculture world and to bring the highest value to farmers with it’s quality.


  • PT1300 hydrauliline luuk111

Hydraulic backdoor

  • PT1000-konvertluugiga-new
  • paremale avanev rippluuk konvertluugiga

right converted backdoor

  • paremale avanev rippluuk

Hanging backdoor which opens to the right

  • Rippluuk

Hanging backdoor

  • paremale avanev hydroluuk

hydr. backdoor opening to the right

  • vandaga-tugijalgIMG_4006 copy

Support leg with a crank

  • Hyd.tugijalg_1

Hydraulic support leg

  • kuluteras-veebilehele

Hardox bottom

  • Tent with rubber stripes

Load cover (tent)

  • Working light LED

Rear working light

  • allasoidutoke

Rear pumper

  • jarelhaagise konks rockinger

Trailer hook, rockinger

  • polditav veosilmus

Boltable towing eye

  • haagise porilauad ees ja taga

Front and rear mudguards

  • haagis õhkpiduritega

Air brakes

  • Haagise käsipidur

Handbrake with a crank

  • Haagise Led tuled

LED side lights

  • kuomu-screen

Front screen

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    Dumper trailers is the largest product group in the product range of Palmse Trailer. It has the highest number of variations or models as well as the greatest production capacity.
    The advantage of dumper trailers over other trailer types is their versatility. Due to the different backdoors and additional extensions that are available, the product’s uses are limitless, i.e. it can be used for various large-scale transportation works, such as those involving soil, manure, gravel, grain, etc. Dumper trailers that are equipped with Palms cranes are perfect for farmers as well as companies for loading work in landscaping, forestry, harvesting, etc.

    The advantages of Palmse Trailer’s dumper trailers are:
    • strong box;
    • durable bottom frame;
    • dependable dumping system;
    • bogie axle with springs that relieve heavy loads and hydraulic
    drawbar suspension for larger models;
    • air or hydraulic brake system, according to the client’s preferences.

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